C4879 Patio Time

Outdoor or indoor style. Waterproof high-impact case with rattan-look finish and bold numerals also features a thermometer with Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Stays water / weather-resistant in any location, its double-gasketed seal makes it ideal for outdoor use or high humidity applications. Features a 3-point secure screw mount system with a twist-off back cover for ideal use on boats and recreational vehicles. Protective glass lens. Requires (1) AA battery, not included.

Please note; this clock uses a non-metal hand shaft and should not be placed in direct long term sunlight at high temperatures. This may cause the time hand(s) to become loose. Examples are a desert setting such as the American west (AZ, NV etc.) in these types of locations where the temperature consistently reaches above 100 degrees daily it is best to place this clock in a shaded area for optimal performance.

Dia.: 10.25" D: 2.75"

Dia.: 26cm D: 6.9cm

Download Manual 2E