B1377 Multi-Wake

Suggested Retail: $107.00

Compact bedside alarm offers multiple options to rise refreshed each morning. Wake to atmospheric gradual lighting, FM radio music, a choice of one of 6 pre-recorded sounds or a traditional electronic beep alarm OR a combination of light and alarm for heavy sleepers. The gradual “morning rise” daylight simulator can be set for up to 10 minutes of slowly intensifying brightness to wake naturally without a jarring sound. In addition to the white light there is a choice of 8 different colored light options as well. Light intensity can be adjusted as well. The FM radio has an external antenna for improved reception. The LCD display has 4 settings to adjust for daytime viewing to nighttime dimness or totally off. The display offers total information showing day, date and month as well as the alarm set time, a snooze feature is also available. Powered by a USB power cord and US plug, Battery backup is also included to protect against any possible power outage.

6.7” Dia. x 4.6” D

17 cm Dia. x 11.7 cm D

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