B1376 Clearview

Suggested Retail: $85.00

A unique dual purpose timepiece, can be used as a large digital alarm clock or easy-to-read wall clock. Remote control feature allows function settings to be done remotely. Bold digital numbers are 3” tall. Time can be set in either Military (24-hour time) or standard 12 hour. Sound control setting allows the digits to go dark and come on with a clap or sharp noise for total bedroom sleeping darkness. Digits can be set to one of 3 different levels of brightness. Clock has full information or temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. 3 separate alarms feature independent beep alarm that will ring steady for up to 10 minutes for heavy sleepers and snooze function. Separate remote-control, five-foot USB power cable included. Table stand easily removes to hang clock on the wall if desired. CR2032 back up battery and wall hanger also included.

9” Dia. x 1.2” D

22.9 cm Dia. X 3 cm D

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